Best Value and Better Performance in Libraries

E: Consultancy support from Library and Information Specialists

E2: Particular strengths for the three areas of Best Value

Measuring performance and assessing impact

  • Our ground-breaking work on assessing the impact of public libraries1 has just been published. (This grew out of our national evaluation of public library involvement in the National Year of Reading2)
  • We are now concentrating on benchmarking around outcomes

Objective commentary on the implementation of Best Value

  • We have first-hand strategic experience of working through Best Value reviews with public library clients
  • Our national programme on research methods for librarians is now being offered for the third time
  • On the strategic front, our work has included evaluating the two national training organisations in the libraries and cultural sectors for Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries

Enacting the four ‘C’s’: addressing specific issues

  • We are continuously monitoring alternative ways of organising and delivering library services (one example is our national review of school library services management3)
  • Recent commissions are putting great emphasis on partnership working at local and regional level
  • We recently reviewed the use and management of volunteers in libraries and produced guidelines for The Library Association4


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