Best Value and Better Performance in Libraries

B: Putting the model into actions

B7: Processes that contribute to realising the aims/objectives

This is the first of the two parts of the process in which library service managers excel. The Annual Library Plans are replete with specific processes and actions aimed at keeping the services going, enhancing the library infrastructure and activity building. (As a broad generalisation, these processes are the ‘inward looking’ part of the model. The aims/objectives tend to be more outward looking (user-focused), although not exclusively so.) These processes very much reflect the hands-on operationally-focused approach of many library service managers. Some services distinguished here between various types of processes and actions, such as Edinburgh, where they separate out internal business processes, continuous improvement actions and financial actions.

Examples of processes that contribute to realising the aims/objectives

  • Public library services
  • Formulate a stock management policy
  • Training library staff to support ICT use by the public
  • Acquiring a range of CD-ROMs
  • Schools library services
  • Provide multi-media resources to motivate pupils
  • Refurbish school libraries
  • Collaborate with Inspectors on EAZ bids